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This project began with the intent to support the children of Fukushima Japan, who have had to face the tumultuous aftermath of the 2011 earthquakes that had devastated Fukushima and its people. As local residents of Cairns, we have taken the task upon ourselves to provide children of Fukushima opportunities they wouldn’t have otherwise been able to experience.
Our goal is to attempt at restoring some normality to these children’s lives, and to rekindle the inalienable joyous disposition they so disserve as children without the burden of anxiety and concern the Fukushima radiation relentlessly reminds them thereof. In some areas of Fukushima, the impact of radiation has become so concerning, children are simply not even allowed to step one foot outside of their own homes in fear of radiation poisoning.

We hope to give the children of Fukushima an opportunity for a further enriching cultural experience as a result of their time spent in Australia. We are hoping that the children who participate in this humanitarian effort will regain hope for the future, and to salvage the potential in manifesting their dreams and ambitions alike.
For expressions of interest please contact: smilewithkids8@gmail.com

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